Woman Gets Hit by Train

In this story, Sam tells us about a mother getting hit by a train while saving her child. Make sure to read Sam’s opinion because I think that he possesses a very positive outlook on this tragedy. You can see the original story on Sam’s Blog: http://sbaker4ecspress.wordpress.com/2011/10/10/article/#comment-3.

By: Sam Baker

Today, there is a new story a brewing. One lady was just walking along the train tracks one fall day, and her stroller with her baby in it got stuck on the tracks. She was unable to escape the on coming train, but she saved her baby.

My opinion is that she did what any parent would do, and that is to save her little baby instead of herself. I like the bravery that she had to actually save her kid and knowing she was going to get run over.




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31 responses to “Woman Gets Hit by Train

  1. lhill4ecspress

    I’m glad that the baby is safe; however, it is horrible that the mother died. But, I agree with Sam when he says that any true parent would do that for his or her child.

  2. That was great that she saved her baby, and it is horrible that the mother died. Why was the women walking on the tracks for? That was amazing that she saved her baby, and i agree with Sam when he says that any parent would save their child and sacrifice themselves.

  3. i’m so glad the baby is alright, but is the lady still alive? You weren’t very clear about that.

  4. I agree, I’m glad that the baby lived and it is sad that the mother died, but why were they on the tracks in the first place? It seems a little odd that they would be walking on the tracks, but the mother truely showed her love for her baby when she put it’s life before her own. I agree with Sam, I really like her bravery. She knew she was going to get run over but she still chose to sacrifice herself for the sake of her child.

  5. It would be interesting to know if the woman lived or not but I am very proud that this particular mother would do that for her daughter. That shows that more parents should take up for their child and put them first. That was a very brave act and I’m glad the baby is alright. Is the woman?

  6. The mother is very brave to save her child, but I would like to know is why she was walking on the train tracks. It seems odd that a mother was just pushing her baby along the tracks, taking a casual stroll. I am very proud of this woman for sacrificing her life for her child.

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  9. Although I find it rather stupid that she was just walking across train tracks when a train was coming with a baby in its stroller, I agree, it was a brave and selfless thing to do to save her baby. This demonstrates the love that every parent should have for his/her child.

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  11. yes, of course she’s dead? i thought it was just already understood but yes i will make sure to do that next time mckay

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  13. That’s amazing. We here about stories like this all the time, but when you actually imagine yourself in that woman’s shoes…. Imagine how hard it would be to jump in front of a train, even if it is to save your baby.

  14. I agree with sam, even though the baby survived and the mother died, it was a parents instinct to die for her child.

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  17. It is sad that the woman died in the collision, but at least the baby is okay. She did a brave thing sacrificing her life for her baby and, in my opinion, that was the right thing to do.

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  19. This is a tragedy but at least she saved the baby

  20. Thats a great thing that she did to save her baby. It was brave and loving. I hope that all parents would do the same.

  21. Thats amazing that she saved the baby but a very sad sotry. Good Job!

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  23. This is a very sad that this women and her baby were crossing a railroad track and then i gets stuck. Now the baby doesn’t have a mother because she saved the baby from the train.

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  25. That is so tragic and i am glad that she saved her baby but why was she even on the track in the first place?

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  27. Any person would die for her child so it was the instinct in her.

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  29. I truly admire this woman for thinking of her child before herself when it can to a deathly situation. Although it is extremely sad that this woman died, this is a perfect example of the type of relationship a parent should have with their child. I feel for the young child who will be without his real mother, but I am glad the child is okay.

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