TSA Agent Accused of Stealing $40,000

TSA officer searching a bag

In his article, Jonathan explains the charges against two T.S.A officers who stole $40,000 from a checked bag. What do you think should be done so that this doesn’t happen again? Check out the orginial article on Jonathan’s blog: http://jstepka14ecspress.wordpress.com/2011/10/28/tsa-agent-accused-of-stealing-40000/

By: Jonathan Stepka

Two former T.S.A officers working at the John F. Kennedy Airport have recently admitted to stealing $40,000 in cash from a checked [bag]. The Queens New York District Attorney’s office reports that forty four year old Coumar Persad, of Queens, and thirty one year old Devon Webb, of Bronx,  pleaded guilty on Thursday to grand larceny.  Larceny is the wrongful acquisition of the personal property of another person. They were also charged with obstruction governmental administration and official misconduct. They each face six months in prison and five years of probation after there January 10th sentencing. Authorities investigating this case say the two T.S.A officers took the cash promptly after spotting it in a piece of luggage that was being X-rayed. The cash was later recovered in the police investigation.

Check out this link from Foxnews.com for the full story http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/10/27/ex-tsa-agents-admit-to-stealing-cash-from-jfk-bag/



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20 responses to “TSA Agent Accused of Stealing $40,000

  1. This does not reflect well on the TSA. Even though airport security is a hassle, we trust that it is in the interest of national safety. Taking money from suitcases is not in the interest of national safety, and I hope the TSA takes appropriate action, whether that means firing the officers or otherwise responding to the incident.

  2. I think to prevent this, they should do something like have a security guard not only patrolling the pedestrians walking through the bag check but make sure that the T.S.A. are also doing their job correctly. Or even set up cameras for one trusted security guard to watch at all times on the T.S.A. That is so astonishing that someone with that sort of job is stealing from someone simply getting their bags checked to go somewhere. What a shame, hopefully they find a solution stat.

  3. This is terrible. I don’t think its right for travelers to start worrying what to pack in fear of the T.S.A stealing it. These two men took away many people’s peace of mind at the airport and that is a very hard thing to regain. I feel like these T.S.A men should go to jail longer than 6 moths and be fired from their job instead of a five year probation.

  4. It’s hard to believe that even while we’re being checked and searched, the people checking and searching us might be going behind our backs. It really makes you wonder when you’re safe.

  5. lhill4ecspress

    I agree. I don’t think that flyers should have to worry about the TSA, a government agency, stealing from them. We trust them to keep us safe, and if they betray this trust, we won’t know what to do when flying. Everyone will become much more cautious and worried about flying. I hope that the TSA returns, and recovers, the money stolen and that they correct their SECURITY officers’ behavior. I know that I don’t want to have to worry about one more thing when I’m already trying to catch a plane.

  6. I agree that this is awful but why would someone have $40,000 in their suit case in the first place and wouldn’t they notice that that much money is missing from their bags?

  7. First off i would like to know who the bag belonged to and what were their intentions with the money. Not knowing what they were going to do with the money or whose is was that should have been a sign not to mess with it, or to take the bag to the authorities, in order to see what was going on. taking the money wasn’t the wisest thing to do. agreeing with previous bloggers why would the person have $40,000 in cash in a suitcase, that just seems suspicious in itself. It was bad enough that the person had that much cash, but for them take it was awful. the person that owned the bag could have been using the money for an emergency or something.

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  9. Yes, this is bad and weird BUT why in the world would someone carry 40,000 dollars in cash on a plan? I think this is very strange and is more abnormal than the TSA stealing the money.

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  12. This is a very scary situation. We place our trust in the T.S.A officers with great expectations that our belongings are in good hands. When you take a job working at an airport, you should be able to handle looking into people’s bags without having a temptation to take things, even if it is $40,000. I hope that the TSA is able to recover and learn from their actions, so that people around the world don’t have to worry about the safety of their belongings when in an airport.

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  14. I agree with William, wouldn’t the owner of the bag notice they are missing $40,000 in their bag? Also Grace, I was wondering about the cameras too. This is an airport, I know they have security cameras all over that place. How did they even pull this off? This question kept playing through my mind as I read the article. But nevertheless, the criminals are going to do time for what they did.

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  16. I agree that this is bad, that a TSA officer stealing $40,000. It is already worse that we get checked and searched, but when they search your bag you have to keep a watchful eye on them.

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  18. Well, next time I go to the airport and my bags are checked, I’m going to be paying attention! I agree with Grace and Alex, how did this go unnoticed?

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  20. Dang! All I can say about this article is “who can you trust these days.” I don’t think I’ll carry that much money in such a reachable place if you know what I mean.

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